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I have purchased a few different brands and they all ended up being pretty cheap. If you are looking for nice thick copper connectors, then these should do the trick. They crimp just fine and provide a solid connection. Add with them some adhesive shrink tubing, and you'll have a connection that will last.

Mitch Martin (Amazon Buyer)

Used this to install 2 more batteries and complete my solar install. Worked great. Was able to solder most connections and had to crimp one and that worked really well also. Used heat shrink on all connections to and from the batteries. All worked well. I ended up using all ten. :)

Joseph Vegas (Amazon Buyer)

I find these terminals to be a good item. I use them on my Polaris UTV wiring to add power and ground connections. I squeeze them using my vise and get a solid connection. Recommend using heat shrink to protect the connection as a added protection. OEM connection corroded in some locations when wire became exposed to the weather elements. .

War eagle (Amazon Buyer)

I used these to build upgraded ground wires for my truck. I used KnuKonceptz kolossus 0 gauge OFC cable and with it's true 1/0 size it really needed the space of this 2/0 lug to get all 5145 strands in. I opted to crimp the lugs using my shops hydraulic hose crimping machine. Lugs and wires came out looking amazing, the crimp created such a mechanical lock onto the wire that one of my guys and myself (220+ lbs ea) couldn't pull them off. Multimeter came in reading 0.000 resistance and rated for 400 amps.

Wood (Amazon Buyer)

Great terminals for my solar system. Fit my 1/0 gauge wire and the other set i got that were 8 gauge fit perfect as well.

walter (Amazon Buyer)

This is for the 2/0 Copper Lugs. Fits perfect on my 2/0 wire from Home Depot. Using it to connect my power inverter to my solar/wind turbine battery bank. Pricey, but the best I've seen. I've worked with a lot of wire lugs during my career in aviation.

Mystic (Amazon Buyer)

I've been an electrician for 35 years and have used a lot of crimp connectors. Tinned copper is the way to go. These connectors are well made and work perfectly. Just a note to the average user, you need a large crimp tool to secure these. If you think you can do it with a small hand-held crisper, you can't. That's true of any crimp connector of this size.

Timaaay (Amazon Buyer)

These are very nice made terminals with great value. I have worked with electrical for 50 yrs and these ends are just as good as the 9$ for 2 ends. See pictures of my install today.

Autoteacher (Amazon Buyer)

I'm using this product to rewire my RV, so it was important I had lugs that were marine quality as they are exposed to the elements. They're easy to use, but it's important to ensure you use the right tools to crimp these for the best connection. That beings said, they're pliable enough that a good size set of pliers would do the trick. Also, ensure you properly insulate them such as using shrink tubing. Overall, the quality is good and fits well for my application. I would recommend.

Arnell (Amazon Buyer)