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Tinned Copper Battery Cable Lugs

SELTERM Tinned Copper Battery Cable lugs are ideal for making Marine Grade Cables, Battery Cables & Welding Cables that are used in marine, outdoor and harsh environments. To ensure their anticorrosive properties, these lugs have been subjected to salt spray tests to the ASTMB117 standard. Rigorous field testing in harsh winter environments in snow have also been conducted by OEMs that depend on these lugs.

These Lugs can be crimped or soldered on and are UL & CUL listed and rated for up to 600V DC, allowing use in a wide range of applications such as Boat Wiring, Trolling Motors, Car Audio, ATVs, RVs, Snowmobiles, Golf Carts, Automotive, Electric Powertrains, Off-grid Solar, Back-up Power & Battery Banks.

The Cable Lugs are made from 99.9% pure seamless copper tubes that adhere to the ASTMB188 standard. The copper is malleable & ductile enough to withstand crimp force without cracking. The lugs are tin-plated according to the ASTMB545 standard to guarantee uniformity in the plating thickness.

These copper lugs are tested to ensure they meet S.A.E conductivity standards J163 & J1811. The barrels of the lugs have flared end to ensure easy cable entry. The pads of the lugs are properly sealed at the ends to prevent any moisture or solder from leaking. Wire & stud sizes are clearly marked on the pads for easy identification during installation.

The lugs are RoHS 3 & REACH compliant.